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Iain Tindall

The Gaffer. IRATA Assessor A/3/4451/i

After a background in farming, forestry, theatre rigging, teaching and fire eating in a circus, I started out in Rope Access. Since 1998 I’ve worked onshore and offshore in Australia, Norway, Denmark, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Morocco, Ivory Coast and even Wales before founding Belay in 2013. 

I am passionate about high quality training to prepare delegates for the real world. I have seen, first hand, the results of complacency and poor safety training and Belay’s mission is to give our trainees the tools to keep themselves and their work mates safe. 

Mike Dixon

GWO Instructor / Paramedic / Assistant IRATA Instructor

Chris Stone

GWO and IRATA Instructor 3/3850/i

I have worked non-stop since gaining my IRATA level 1 in 1998. I have over 10 years of experience as a rope team leader and multi-team supervisor on some of the tallest buildings in London with over 17,000 logged hours on the ropes. I’m able to give trainees a valuable insight into the real world of urban rope access today. When I’m not training at Belay, I earn a crust in the offshore oil and wind energy sectors and volunteer with the Red Cross as a first aider.

Peter Kovacs

Freelance GWO Instructor. IRATA 3/13821/i

After serving as a Sergeant in the Hungarian Parachute Regiment, I came to the UK and achieved my Level 3 in 2005. I started working on the ropes in Brighton and London before making the leap to offshore wind energy in 2011. I’ve gained a reputation as a top quality blade repair tech as well as an experienced IRATA Level 3 and I bring up to the minute industry knowledge into all of my training. I live in Hove with my partner and young son.

Kris Lindeck

Freelance GWO Instructor. IRATA 3/13567

I grew up in Brighton and have been abseiling for over ten years, working on a variety of projects big and small, gaining valuable practical knowledge that I am able to pass on to candidates at all levels. I’ve travelled across the world with my qualifications which include painting, blasting and paint inspection. For the past 5 years I have been working in the wind sector in various roles including development and team leading an emergency response team for offshore construction and have real-life experience in rope rescue. Presently, I help out training at Belay to hopefully pass on some knowledge and help candidates to pass their qualification. So I look forward to meeting you.

Chris Payne

Freelance First Aid & GWO Instructor. IRATA 1/120584

I am the lead GWO First Aid Instructor at Belay. I make sure that if anyone I have trained is in a situation where they could save a life that they know exactly what to do. In my spare time I am a volunteer lifeguard and a full-time husband.

Stuart Smith

Freelance GWO Instructor. IRATA 1/122907

Being in the fire service for 26 years, I have attended and been in charge of numerous high-profile incidents in central London ranging from terrorist incidents to aircraft crashes. I spent 3 years at a fire service college teaching various fire related subjects and I have experience teaching and working as a team leader in confined spaces. I now share my knowledge with the candidates at Belay as a GWO Instructor.

Mike Dixon

Freelance GWO Instructor. IRATA 2/126177

I’ve had a long career in the British Army and trained as a combat medic. I left to Start a career in security working at festivals and on the doors with some close protection roles. After several small roles I started offshore on a near by wind farm working as a technician with 5 yrs experience doing various roles. 

Im IRATA, Rope rescue and paramedic trained. I am currently teaching the GWO Advanced Rescue and Enhanced First aid as well as the GWO BST, I currently am assisting in teaching the IRATA syllabus.

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