2 09, 2019

Charity Abseil at Broadgate Tower


Great day assisting with a charity abseil at Broadgate Tower yesterday. Brave volunteers from National Autistic Society made the descent from 160m. [...]

Charity Abseil at Broadgate Tower2019-09-02T11:55:20+01:00
3 06, 2019

GWO Working at Height


A bright and sunny start to the week but our candidates are now nice and protected from the sun following [...]

GWO Working at Height2019-06-03T15:12:16+01:00
19 04, 2018

Belay Rope Access 2018


In 2018 we have made some changes to the company in the form of upgrades to our training centre and [...]

Belay Rope Access 20182018-05-03T16:02:06+01:00
20 06, 2016

The guys from Rescue 2


We had the guys from Rescue 2 down the other week using our facility for Rope Rescue training and even [...]

The guys from Rescue 22018-04-12T07:39:52+01:00
14 06, 2016

British Airways i360


Finally, we can reveal our involvement with the British Airways i360 vertical cable car in Brighton. It's still a bit [...]

British Airways i3602018-05-03T16:16:54+01:00
9 06, 2016

GWO First Aid scenarios


GWO First Aid scenarios today at Belay, brilliant life saving skills shown by everyone! We were also happy to accommodate [...]

GWO First Aid scenarios2018-04-12T07:39:37+01:00
20 04, 2016

VW Heritage distribution


Whilst we have all three IRATA levels training in the sunshine in Newhaven today I'm in Shoreham at the VW [...]

VW Heritage distribution2018-04-12T07:39:32+01:00
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