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 By Car: 

Newhaven can be reached easily via the A259 coast road or the A27. 

Please put McKinley Way into your satnav or Google maps. The road starts at the roundabout next to McDonalds. 

Follow the road past Halfords until you reach the Port security gate. Once through the gate, our training centre is right in front of you. 

Please follow the road and turn left at the end of the yellow barriers and park carefully in one of the marked bays. 

On foot or bicycle: 

Trains run regularly to Newhaven and Newhaven Harbour from East and West as well as London and Gatwick Airport. 

Buses 12, 13 and 14 run regularly from Brighton and Eastbourne. 

Please walk or cycle to the Port security gate on Beach Road. You must stop and collect a Hi-Viz tabard from the security guard. 

Please use the footpath and ensure you are always wearing your Hi-Viz tabard when walking through the port. 

Hours of Training 

08.30 – 16.00 

GWO Training can be physically demanding. Please note, a basic level of fitness. You will be required to complete and sign a medical self-declaration and waiver prior to training. 

Please bring suitable clothing according to the weather forecast as some of your training may be outdoors. We provide all necessary PPE but if you wish to use your own coveralls, helmet and safety boots, you’re welcome to bring them. 

We will need to inspect any personal PPE prior to the training so please tell your instructor. 

If you are taking part in the Sea Survival module please bring a change of clothes 

Please bring lunch with you if you wish but snacks and drinks cans can be purchased here from lunch wagons. We provide tea and coffee free of charge and there is a fridge, toasty maker and microwave if you wish to heat up your own food. There is a Sainsbury’s nearby and a McDonalds and KFC in Newhaven. 

Please bring a water bottle to refill from our water fountains. 

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