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Statements from some of our many satisfied students

"Hi Iain. Just wanted to thank you, Lloyd and Peter for the training last week. Thanks for getting us through. The training and atmosphere was great."

SC. IRATA Level 1

“Hi Iain. Would just like to thank you for the course last week. Your training is excellent, very hands-on and everything is explained and demonstrated really well.”

AH. IRATA Level 1

“The most enjoyable part of the course was learning the different manoeuvres. Getting my first experience of passing re-belays, deviations and mobile aid climbing at height were highlights. Iain was also able to provide a great insight into the industry from working offshore to cleaning windows. This was both interesting and helpful for someone new to the industry.”

MC IRATA Level 1

"I would like to say how much I enjoyed the IRATA 1 course, the training and facilities were spot on and I will be glad to recommend belay rope access in the future."

PM. Scaffolding Supervisor. IRATA Level 1

"The course was very testing but the way it was taught was excellent by a person who had working, hands-on experience always open to answer questions and give advice about how we could use rope access in our trade"

GW. Joiner/ IRATA level 1

“Belay Rope Access is the only training centre on the south coast and I found having the time to study and be well rested each day as well as saving me money on travel or accommodation costs."

MC. IRATA level 1

"Friendly atmosphere and good instruction."

SC. IRATA Level 2 to 3 Upgrade

"I particularly liked the relaxed environment created, where once we'd been shown the skill we had the freedom to practice whichever parts we felt needed work on. Also Iain was more than happy to go through the same thing multiple times if necessary."

DR. IRATA Level 1

"I enjoyed the course and fairly easy to commute. I learnt useful new techniques too."

JD. IRATA Level 2 to 3 Upgrade

"The whole course was fantastic. Was made very simple and explained very well."

DM. IRATA Level 1

"The trainers were very friendly and provided a very relaxed but safe training environment. Even though I was just revalidating my level 1 I was taught a number of level 2 manoeuvres and skills to assist me in future rope access work and help push me through my level 2 training."

SG IRATA Level 1 revalidation now upgraded to Level 2

"I was lucky enough to get a late cancellation on to the course for my rope access level 1 with Belay Rope Access. The facilities were great, the down to earth approach and attitude from both the instructors, Iain Tindall and Chris Stone, yet strict on the way they taught and explained the correct methods in all aspects of rope access and working at heights, yet with the greatest emphasis on safety. I would like to thank both Iain and Chris for all their help during the course and their enthusiasm, expert knowledge and effortless demonstration throughout the course. I could not recommend Belay Rope Access highly enough."

VS. QA/QC Inspector / IRATA Level 1

“Nothing I could have done better, the trainers pushed me to be better and gave me the confidence to go for my level 3. Many thanks to everyone at Belay Rope Access, I would definitely recommend you.”

LB. IRATA Level 2 to 3 upgrade

“Excellent instructors, very knowledgeable and professional. Would fully recommend to anyone. Fantastic Training.”

JH. IRATA Level 1

"Incorporating a few rope access rescues into the syllabus as GWO work has a lot of rope access guys entering the industry. Although not a mandatory credit it's is highly beneficial. Many thanks to Iain for chucking them in."


“The course was very well run, pretty intense for someone without any experience, but I guess that's the best way learn. Peter and Iain were both very friendly and informative. Peter was very reassuring at times when I thought I had messed things up. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable and testing experience.”

PC. IRATA Level 1

“My course had a mix of experienced IRATA guys and guys like me with no direct Wind Turbine experience. The course was delivered in such a way that I wasn't bamboozled with tech stuff and the IRATA guys didn't get bored. Thanks, guys.”


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